Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Why Trump is Good for Amerika!

I am so happy to see Donald Trump as president.   Surprised?  You shouldn't be because POTUS constantly shows the world and other amerikans exactly what the elitist, fascist state is all about.  Bow down and worship our ways or we will destroy you and that is exactly how the Bible describes the last(existing) empire.  Don't like what country A, B, or C is doing, the US  will bring down "Fire and Fury and destruction like the world has never seen". 

That is what I was told as an individual when I decided I didn't want to be part of a corrupt, criminal trial rigging.  And the response I got was, we will destroy you and impoverish you.  And that is what they did.  And there was never any negotiations or choice.  The threats included statements, like "you will stand alone", or "you won't trust anyone".

At first I thought how can that be?  How can anyone have that much power.  After all, this is amerika, home of the free, with laws and a constitution.  But I found that with enough power, the laws mean nothing to the fascists.  And "you will stand alone" can become "isolation and withdrawal" and harassment and terrorism becomes "paranoia" and then the state labels you "mentally ill".  And of course, you are always told that you are wrong.  "Do you understand what you did was wrong?" is the mantra you hear when you try to do anything to change and/or better your situation.

I mean really,  DOES ANYONE REALLY BELIEVE TRUMP when he expresses concerned about "those poor citizens in Venezuela?"  The fascist state has spent decades corrupting the Venezuelan government in an effort to get a puppet government in power there.  Just as they do in Cuba.  I mean the US tried to introduce anthrax in Cuban cattle in an effort to starve those "poor people" there into rising up against Castro.  And the US has tried to flood the economy with counterfeit currency in order to disrupt the Cuban economy and to make the Cuban currency worthless(I've seen how the CIA does that).  This is the real amerika.

And you constantly see the "beautiful amerika" with their marriages and family.  You can never understand the destruction and suffering done to my marriage and my family in the fascist state efforts to destroy and silence me. They were just collateral damage. Meanwhile the amerikan mantra is about how important family and marriage is in the fascist state.

Once you see there real amerika, you can never go back.  The condition and propaganda are broken and revealed - the truth shall set you free.

And that is why I'm so happy Trump is president.  He constantly shows the world and most amerikans what amerika is really all about.  Just another, and the last in a series of brutal "World Empires."  And as I wrote over 30 years ago, there will always be the 25-30% of the amerikan population that will support the "might is right" fascist mentality.  That is what Trump calls his core, base support.  Trump is giving the amerikan people a view of what a reviewer described as "nightmarish behind-the-scenes America" - The REAL AMERICA that most people never get to see.

The remaining amerikan population I split into two major groups based on their beliefs and actions.  But that is for another time. I probably should go into that because it explains why I got to see the real amerika and why most amerikan are never forced to see the obvious.  But enough for now.

I wrote this blog several weeks ago, before the Charlottesville shootings.  I think Trump's initial reaction to murder of non-rightwing fanatics speaks volumes.  Violence against people who don't worship the elitist fascist state is not only not acceptable, but it is actually desirable and encouraged.  I know, I've experienced it for decades.

As the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, said:  THESE PEOPLE CLAIM TO BE PATRIOTIC, BUT THEY ARE NOT PATRIOTS.  That says it all!!!

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