Sunday, October 29, 2017

Inmate or Slave - the State view.

 I, Dave, Jack and were in Jack’s office listening to him go on one of his ego trips explaining his views of the world.  One thing was always true about Jack and his conversations.  He was an extreme narcissist and if given an opportunity he would brag.  Just as I was beginning to wonder why he had called me into his office, he began explaining how the human mind tends to forget things if conditions are made unbearable enough and that the brain secretes chemicals when under extreme stress so that the person can forget traumatic experiences. As I sat there listening, my heart began to race. Was that the purpose for all the harassment and irritations? Was my time at Gamma Supplies supposed to be so unbearable that I wouldn’t know or remember what had happened just to get my testimony? If that had been the purpose, and had not been successful and what if they, whoever they were knew that I could remember things what else would they do? As the thoughts raced through my mind, I sat there thinking how arrogant and stupid Jack really was. But more important to me, I wondered who was behind the whole plan and what they were going to do to me next.

The reason i state that Jack was stupid is because if you are going hire someone to set them up for their testimony and then have them forget what happened you would think you that they wouldn’t hire someone who is known for having an excellent memory. From as early as I could remember; people recognized I had an exceptional memory. As a young child in a Sunday school class, I was once asked to memorize a couple of pages of dialogue for a Christmas play. The other people in the class we given one or two lines to learn. I ended up going to a different church because I felt I was being exploited just to make the teacher look good in front of the congregation. In high school I had a good friend who became a lawyer and we would often compete as to who could quickly memorize things like the periodic table, mathematical proofs, and Shakespeare soliloquies.

Those are examples of more short-term memory, but an example from graduate school gives credence to the fact that I also had a good long-term memory. In graduate school we were having a research group meeting when the research director posed a question about a chemical reaction. I quickly blurted out that he could find the answer in such and such book on a particular page. He asked me how I knew that and I told him over a year earlier I had read the book and that’s where the information he wanted could be found. The research director sent another graduate student the chemistry library and had him find the book and bring it back to the room. When the research director opened the book to the page I had specified, he found exactly the information he wanted. Needless-to- say, the research director acknowledged that I had an exceptional memory.  Now I was being told a major strategy to get my testimony, a viable product, and a patent was that I would not be able to remember things.  Only a very ignorant person or a psychopath would devise such a plan.  Both are equally dangerous.

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